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Marvin & The Hang Gliders

Marvin & The Hang Gliders: Born from desperation

When bass player Gareth Goodwin had a gig booked, but suddenly found himself with no band to play it, he got in touch with Keith Rowley (vocals, sax, guitar, harp), having met him at a jam session the week previously. "I've got this gig in two days time - fancy playing it? I know a drummer if you know a guitarist".

Keith got in touch with Spud Hole, a guitarist and vocalist he knew through encounters with various bands over the years, while Gareth sounded out the mighty Paul Taylor, who had honed his talents over the years as a professional drummer, and the line-up was confirmed.

The following evening they all met for the first time at the drummer's house, cobbled together a set, and swiftly ran through the songs. It might just work, they thought; we'll pick a silly name as it's just a one-off gig.

The next night they set up for the show. At 9.00pm they started and by a combination of chance and destiny the ingredients were perfectly balanced, and to both the audience and musician's surprise this high energy, powerful sound came forth; if you doubt this claim just take a listen for yourself!

Well, two years have passed, and we're still stuck with the name - that intended one-off gig led to more gigs, and the music has transformed from pick up covers to self penned originals; another surprising result of our encounter with chance and destiny. The previously untapped writing talents of Keith and Spud have combined with the original raw energy of that first live performance and have resulted in the debut album 'New Thing Going On' by Marvin & The Hang Gliders, available on CD, iTunes and Spotify now.

Take a listen, enjoy, buy, book us, come to a show - lets get this party started.........

Our Band Members

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Gareth Goodwin

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Keith Rowley

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Paul Taylor

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Spud Hole