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We have a new Bass Player

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Simon Palfrey has taken over from Gareth Goodwin on 'Hang Glider' Bass. Gareth is now concentrating his efforts with 'Sugarman Sam & the Voodo Men' we wish him well.

Simon's Bio
I was first drawn to music by the dulcet tones of Mud and the Rubettes (we all start somewhere). My first ever gig, Dr Feelgood at Brunel University October 1975 the sonic mayhem and energy had a profound effect on an impressionable 11 year old. More gigs followed as living in London at the time I was spoilt for choice. Then in November 1976 next door neighbour Cliff Hance and oldest friend appeared on the door step with a single saying you have to hear this! It was Anarchy in the UK. The next ten years were a bit of a blur. Early 1977 I pestered my long suffering parents to buy me a proper bass, a black Fender Precision still used today. I joined my first band with Cliff at the tender age of 13 “ Blitzkkreig”. My first gig was Feb 1978 at Kitson Hall in Barnes supporting Everything But The Girl a mismatched bill if ever there was one. I spent all my spare time playing bass or watching many great bands start out and prosper and twice as many die a death. U2 as support band lol, Killing Joke,Dire Straights, The Police, The Jam and Generation X were all playing smallish packed sweat boxes like, The (proper old) Marquee club, the Hope and Anchor and The Nashville rooms. The 80’s brought fame and untold wealth…….…nah I wish…. but I got to play most of the London stages where my that my idols had graced. It was a couple of years before realising a “proper job” was needed as you can only live on beans on toast for so long. I have played ever since continuing to be a musical sponge soaking up many different genres from Reggae to Metal and all stops between. So why the bass ? initially it was the quickest way to get in a band. Once I started to understand it theres no other instrument for me. You get to lock withe drummer, play melodies with the guitar & vocals and groove between the two its in infectious cocktail.

Now its my pleasure to be locking and rocking with Mavin and the Hang Gliders “undisputedly “The Best Blues Rock Band In The Universe”

Posted on Fri, 18/03/2016 - 16:42 by paul